Project Description

Sharon Ferris

BA(Hons) MA MSc

MSc Serious Games and Virtual Reality

Serious games and virtual reality represent a large, and actively growing, industry – the application of modern games technology in a wide range of areas around medicine, training, education, security and beyond. While educational games already represent a multi-billion dollar global industry, the recent growth in virtual reality has seen predictions that this market will grow to $150 billion dollars by 2020 (Techcrunch, April 6, 2015).

The MSc provided my design practice with the skills to become a key part of this explosive growth, and potential to become key innovators in this exciting and rapidly developing area. The MSc offered professional development to gain first hand practical programming/scripting experience that was transferable to design, develop and analyse game theory, pedagogy and simulations for a range of application areas and to conduct interdisciplinary research in the serious applications of games technology, particularly in heritage, education and training.

Skills & Experience

  • Develop experience, knowledge and skills in 3D digital technology, and its applications in serious games application and virtual reality

  • A strong understanding of commercial visualisation hardware and software, and harnessing there capabilities to interactively explore, manipulate and understand 3D data

  • Deploy the digital data acquisition, processing, archiving and presentation process as the synthesis of research, analysis, development and critique within the context of scientific and technological change

  • Develop autonomous and self-directed exploration, individual expression and critical activity within an environment of professional and peer-critique space

  • Multi-disciplinary research in visualisation and related fields including computer science, history, culture study, archaeology, architecture, the build environment, art and design, tourist management, medical science, healthcare and education

  • Construct and apply research materials and methodology tailored to support a Masters project and its outcomes within an organisational context


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