Project Description

The Condition of the City


The digital residency was in responce to populations, public space and the social, economic and environmental pressures that face the city of Edinburgh. The digital intervention was to engage with this idea through digital space and web-based practice.

Edinburgh’s festivals are unique in the world and make the city a global tourism hotspot. In recent years there has been public debate in Edinburgh about the effects of mass tourism and transient populations in the city, for both the local social fabric and wider global issues.


Research | St Triduana legacy and her narrative to her location in Edinburgh

Investigate | St Triduanas historical journey to Edinburgh

Explore | St Triduanas impact on the tourism of sector of Edinburgh


Respond | to contextual enquire of the impact on transient tourism in Edinburgh

Create | virtual, augmented statue of St Triduana’s which will be reimagined for its Place on St Arthur’s

Facilitate | the re-imagined narrative of having a St Triduana’s seat


My interest in the central question was sparked by Sara Sheridans, inspirational and thought-provoking book on an imagined history. Where are all the women?

It offered my project the foundation of a historical narrative to follow and explore an Imaged Edinburgh and to highlight the lost female representation in the city.

The historical investigation offers a general overview of the position of the location of St Triduana’s well. The book The Lore of Scotland; A guide to Scottish Legends. The legend offers the narrative of St Triduana’s martyrdom, by self-mutilation to offer the pagan king her eyes to keep her loyalty.
Currently, there is still a 15 century well in Edinburgh, East of the city centre. The continues the lore narrative and provides visitors to the shrine with the offering of access the mystical water to solve any eye problems they may have.

Do not think that I blaspheme when I tell you that your great London, as compared to Dun-Edin, ‘ mine own romantic town’, is prose compared to poetry, or as a great rumbling, rambling, massive Epic compared to a Lyric, brief, bright, clear, and vital as a flash of lighting.

Charlotte Bronte on Edinburgh

Culture and Tourism

My central question | addressed the transient tourism industry in Edinburgh. I was interested in sociological theories by Zygumunt Buaman, on Liquid Modernity. The definition of liquid modernity “Fluid, highly changeable and uncertain”. Bauman paints a picture of mass migration, which contributes to the unpredictable and constant change in everyday life. This impact of liquid modernity on Edinburgh tourism and culture has added to temporal ownership of areas where we Inhabitat, this may not offer access to changing it.

However, with the pandemic it’s has offered a chance to slow down and reflect on out re-imaged historical past, this has opportunities for my practice to explore and reflect on parts of Edinburgh which could be provided as a focused feminist representation.

Art Inspiration

The final work will be based in conceptual art framework, using digital aesthetics such a agency, immersion and transformation. The conceptual art framework will offer an opportunity to question, the relationship between the real, physical and object. Focusing on its process of speculation and how it democratise the process of making art itself by involving the spectator in its creation.

Conceptual art | One & three Chairs (1965) Joseph Kosuth
Through researching mid century conceptual artist, Joseph Kosuth I was inspired by his work One & three Chairs (1965) as I felt there was parallels with the experience of Augmented reality, where there is subtle difference every time you preserve the art. The differences are due to environmental changes, from weather, lights and other variables of a it being presented in a public space.

Facilitate | The Dinner Party (1974 – 1979) Judy Chicago
My finished work looks to have a female prospective and that introduced to Feminist Art, I have focused on Judy Chicago and her work Dinner Party. Her work challenges representation, identity, sexism, political and economic equality and sexuality. The parallels between my work and Feminist Art with a number of pre occupations many female artist focused on new media, which offer new perspectives.

“My abiding goal for The dinner Party was to educate future generations about women’s rich heritage and their important contribution to western civilisation”

Judy Chicago 

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