Project Description

Interactive Visualisation Application

Serious Game & Unity

The applications aim was to develop an interactive experience with a strong focus on the user interface and user-centred design.

The application main objective was to challenge sexism in the games industry.

The applications central narrative is based on a distant dystopian future; diversity doesn’t exist any more. Everyone looks the same, save for their role identifier (assigned at birth, represented by a ​square​, ​triangle​, or ​circle shaped head) that indicates their part in the day-to-day functioning of the Society. There is no central ruling power, nor is there a need for one: everyone knows their role, and each Role is self-regulated. All peoples are, on the surface, equal. However, uniformity cannot eradicate discrimination, and not all roles are treated equally.

Technical skills

Theme • Genre • Mechanics
  • Designing UI and UX for a multi-level application, focusing on creating a strong visual design style with ease of use.

  • The application had strong empathise on creating a game play flow, which as reflected in the interaction design and documented in the game design document

  • The application was created using an agile process, to build prototypes, wireframes and user storyboards

  • Strong visual design, skilled in producing high fidelity screen layouts and functional wireframes

Problem Statement

Theme • Genre • Mechanics 

The applications problem statement addressed modern-day sexism/gender discrimination by demonstrating to the player through gameplay mechanics the struggles faced daily by women in Western societies. The applications objectives were facilitating empathy in the player for women’s struggles by allowing them to experience the receiving end of sexism and discrimination.

User persona

Application Theme



Ideation • Visualisation • Creation

The application was produced with a strong focus on the process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas for the user interface


User Interface

Ideation • wireframes • Iteration

The application showcased a strong visual design methodology, skills in producing high fidelity screen layouts and functional wireframes.

MonoColour gsa

UI Introduction Animation

Animation • UI • Introduction


Player • Environment • Affordances


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