Project Description

Human Computer Interaction

VR • Haptic • 3D • Motion

The HCI applications focused on exploring emerging technologies which included motion tracking, haptic interaction and 3D display technologies in virtual reality and video games to attain an understanding of HCI in VR/AR production pipelines and to create a working demo that featured practical skills on VR/AR implementation using advanced interaction interfaces.

Also, exploration of motion tracking and haptic interfaces and explore the creative possibilities these technologies offer through workshops and technical training.

Finally skills and understanding of the use of motion tracking, haptic interaction, gesture-based technologies and stereoscopic visualisation in immersive simulations.

Technical skills

Research • Prototype • Tech Trends
  • Research and development of an VR application using state of the art software and hardware to build low and hi-fidelity applications to push the boundaries of traditional interactions

  • The application required sketching, wire framing, prototyping and a heuristic overview

  • Experience in designing an application which houses an interactive 3D virtual environment in virtual reality for Oculus Go

Visualisation of VR application

Research • Prototype • Tech Trends

The proposed VR demo ‘Fetch’ was an application where the player could teach themselves of dog behaviour and could teach the virtual dog to do basic canine training

Application Demo

Oculus • VR • Interaction
Virtual Reality


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