Project Description

Audio for application

Ambient UI Sound track

The sound project was designed and created As a team by engaging with and to use current software tool, pro tools and unity to create and edit audio for a game and integrate into a 3D game environment.

Our problem statement was to create an engaging interactive soundtrack for a game based environment, complemented by a critical analysis report to describe our teams workflow and processes underpinning the development and deployment of game sound and audio

The practical project will be created in a winter landscape and will reflect critically on the sound design that will compliment and encompass a dynamic soundtrack, sound effects development and implementation. All audio comments will be added via Unity and use of relevant triggers and parameters

Application description

Audio Design for Application Interactions
Application design

Technical skills

  • Empathetic with the users, but considerate of project audio needs.

  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving to create a clean and simple User Interface that would enhance the sound design and would contribute to the game flow

  • Sketch, wireframe, prototype the application UI following UX best practices for user friendly application design

Application UI

Level Design • Interactive UI • Animated UI
Interaction design


Meaningful engagement  • Agency • Feedback
Interaction design


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