Sharon McGregor

BA(Hons) MA MSc

Immersive Artist

As an Immersive Artist, I currently respond to themes of social, political and psychological phenomena using mixed reality in the metaverse to explore the Sense of “Presence.

My practice uses the digital aesthetic of immersion, presence and agency to create interplay and Interaction between artefacts and objects in the metaverse to design experiences in ephemeral virtual 3D between environments using the reality- virtuality continuum.

Skills & Experience

Immersion • Agency • Transformation
  • Experience, knowledge and skills in 3D digital immersive technology, and its applications in Serious Games, 3D Environments and Virtual Reality.

  • A strong understanding of commercial visualisation hardware and software, and harnessing there capabilities to interactively explore, manipulate and understand 3D data

  • Deploy the digital data acquisition, processing, archiving and presentation process as the synthesis of research, analysis, development and critique within the context of scientific and technological change


3D • Interactive  • Immersive
My Global Clients