User Interface design to improve the experience of Trekking in Macchu Picchu, Peru.

My passion for travel took me to the South American land of Cusco, Peru. I have always loved to explore new places across the globe to capture different visual experiences, which not only gives me time to be inspired by another culture has to offer us apart from our home back in the city.
Living in the city like most working professionals, my working life has me hooked on to almost gadgets you could probably think of. Emailing , designing and production keeps us stuck to Phones , laptops, I pads, GPS everything that is supposed to make our lives easier. Although these gifts of technology are really helping make life easier in the city where things can be done just with the click of a button.

This inspired me to us my skill set to use my design thinking and visual UI and UX skills to help a local Peruvian start up who specialised in offering amazing Treks throughout the land of the Incas.

My tour guide needed an idea for an App that would be informative, educational and help Trekkers prepare for the experience before embarking on it.

Fingers crossed the design helps his business to grow.


About My Work

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