//Designing a successful campaign For the global Financial market

Designing a successful campaign For the global Financial market

I wanted to share a successful visual design projects that I created for the Australian financial market. In this case, it was for Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.
The challenge was to refresh a consumer-focused EDM deployed by Campaign Monitor, which provided a tailored and informative solution covering law, taxes, and accounting. I was contracted to create user-friendly and visually appealing HTML e-mails to send to their user base.
Sounds easy, right? Well, it was a challenge, as with every global corporate brand there are strict brand guidelines that help the brand be easily recognized. This is essential in the saturated EDM market. I always try to keep in mind user-centered methods when designing for subscribed users, who are intelligent, busy professionals who need clean UX, a clear UI and meaningful visual design when buying from this quality-driven e-commerce site.

With this in mind, I revamped the email by simplifying the overlook. The original “over” used the Thomson Reuters corporate purple, which made the corporate theme (“It’s a crime not to buy”) look busy, dated and overshadowed the main products – not a good idea when your user may be confused by the over interface and quickly close the email before making a purchase.

I wanted to keep the theme “It’s a crime not to buy”, however, but simplify it by using a simple grey background with a strong graphic on top to give the idea of “crime” line up.

I also wanted this theme to continue more subtly into the products, so I used

fingerprints as a background and made the products pop by making them feel 3D.

This graphic was the key to its success, as the hero image captured the user’s imagination
with humour, style and great integration of products. The EDM was generated through A and B

testing and had a very successful open rate. In fact, the new design tripled the expected open rate, and the company was very happy with the results.

Technical Highlights of the EDM

  • Create e-mails in HTML and CSS that are fully W3C compatible.
  • Create links and rollovers in CSS in line with Thomson Reuters brand guidelines.
  • Design Photoshop images to be included in emails for increased engagement.
  • Create user interface assets such as new buttons, to give a clean and updated feel to the user.
  • Add content and check links to continue aesthetics and consistency.

Please visit EDM example here

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