SPARK – Boot Camp at MediCity Scotland

SPARK – Boot Camp at MediCity Scotland From 21st November 2016 14:00 To 23rd November 2016 16:00
An intense two and a half day programme suitable for anyone wishing to learn the tools and techniques to explore a value proposition model for their own MedTech, Digital Health and Well-Being start-up business idea; or to stress test their current company product, services, and business model.

It is not essential to have a well-explored business plan to participate. The programme is suited equally to those who have a spark of an idea they wish to evaluate, through to companies which are trading.

The aim of the Boot Camp is to help you create products and or services that match the needs of your customers with a tried and tested value proposition model. It is part of a series of business support programmes that MediCity Scotland runs for spin-out, start-up and scale-up businesses in the MedTech, Digital Health and Well-Being arena across Scotland


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