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Project Description

I offer WordPress Training Courses in Glasgow. Based over in The Whisky Bond with FREE, easy parking you can learn more about wordpress from people who work with WordPress every day of the week. WordPress is a very popular platform and is constantly changing and updating to provide the very latest features you would expect to see on a website.

The benefits of using me for your WordPress training is that I provide you training on your own WordPress website if you have one and the training is much more tailored to your business rather than a generic WordPress website. As every template is different and comes with different in built features, it is important that you get training on your actual wordpress website in most cases.

WordPress is a platform that many website owners use and it is thought that as many as 25% of websites worldwide are using this platform.

Most people will come to us unable to do different things, the WordPress training courses that we provide are tailored to suit your exact requirements and we will work with you in the areas that you need help the most.

The courses can take place in our office or at your place of work. Our WordPress Training in Glasgow is second to none because WordPress is the main platform we work with on a daily basis and we have provided training courses for many people who have been looking for basic WordPress training and have added in many of the questions and stumbling points of others to ensure that the training we provide is going to allow you to leave with a much better understanding of how to work with your website.

  • It’s SEO Friendly and is a service that we specialize in

  • It’s very easy to use for the customer, no real design skills are required

  • It’s quick and easy to learn and will keep your costs down as many of the changes you want to make on your website will be done by you

A lot of people who have done our course are now able to edit their website and keep it up to date which allows you to cut down on web development bills and retain full control of your website.

Why Work With Me

WordPress + Training

If you are interested in our WordPress training courses in Glasgow then get in touch today to see what slots we have available. We are happy to work on dates that suit you subject to availability in our schedule. Our WordPress training courses can be tailored to suit you and our courses can cover everything from the basics, right up to learning how to edit your full website.


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