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WordPress + Development

We value an holistic and do this were we place research and wireframing firmly in the forefront of our design process. Experience has shown us that by producing end-to-end wireframes before moving onto the visual design side results in these wire frames helping sculpt both the visual design of the navigation style and the design of the content flow and product story.

Our concept design work begins by having a full appreciation of a client’s requirements. This is preferably done through a series of workshop meetings, our own desk research and of course lots of coffee and regular face to face meetings to make your happy.

We then produce detailed story boards that burst with your company’s ethos and personality, exploring how all of the elements from a client’s brand toolkit can be used together, from the colour balance to primary graphics, photography and video all within a digital framework. From the detailed and engaging story boards we go on to design a range of top level pages, exploring different design approaches and how we would use technology from a mobile first perspective to inform how navigation and content can be delivered.

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WordPress + Development

Following this holistic and trusted design process it has successfully helped deliver major sites for global clients from Thomson Reuters, Franklin Templeton to ID channel


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WordPress + Development

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WordPress & Development

When it comes to your website, we know that just looking the part isn’t enough, you need a user-experience that engages your audience and gets results. That’s where our digital team come in.

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