Project Description

The Creative Canal Collective has researched and designed HEAART (Heritage, Education & Art Augmented Reality Trail)

These are in unprecedented times As a result of the 21st century’s technological changes – along with the societal upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – businesses are in a state of flux as never before.

The world being reshaped around us, our daily life is changing and behaviour that we once had, have quickly needed to evolve to keep us with social distancing, self isolation and our new virtual way of life.

AR offers a great opportunity to use mobile technologies driven service for our Glasgow art community, charities and Art education institute. AR can allow these venues to still showcase there artist, student professional artist practitioners exhibitions, however adhering to social distancing, no having to enter the actual venue and enjoy added benefits and extra information about venue.

Through my recent study of emerging technologies Specifically on powerful real-world of Augmented Reality (AR). AR is referring to technology that overlays information and virtual objects on real-world scenes in real-time. It uses the existing environment and adds information to it to make a new artificial environment.

An augmented reality application that gives residents and visitors to the Canal Corridor an immersive and engaging experience to learn about the areas, Heritage Culture and Local artist through offer an Augmented Reality experience using a virtual artist trail that will help you access and explore the canal quarters and all its unseen history and beauty.

HEARRT has been designed to offer an immersive and innovative way to explore local heritage by empowering local people and visitors to feel ownership of the Canal Corridor. By using arts and heritage to connect with, and welcome, existing residents, new residents moving into the area and to attract visitors.

HEARRT will create a positive impact on the Canal Cortidor and exoecially the Art Quarter by enhancing and promoting the Canal and its legacy to local and visiting communities.

What is HEAART?

Heritage, Education & Art Augmented Reality Trail

Heritage Education Art Augmented Reality App (HEAART) is an app that will deliver a dynamic and engaging augmented reality experience to unlock, living histories of people who grew up, lived, or worked along the canal/area and discover local artists and site-specific works along the canal’s unused spaces of the canal corridor in North Glasgow from Speirs Wharf to Firhill Basin.

HEAART will be developed by the Canal Creative Co-operative (CCC). CCC is a co-operative group of creative-minded people living and working in Speirs Wharf. CCC is currently hosted by the Speirs Wharf Proprietors’ Association (SWPA) in order to receive funding.

Why choose The Creative Canal Collective?

Sharon Ferris BA(Hons) MA MSc, is the Design and Education Director at Creative Canal Collective. Sharon background and experience has been recently gained her in MSc from GSA in emerging technology and pedagogical design.

Sharon works responds to experience, empathy and legacy of technology experience and specialises for designing in heritage, arts & culture and using emerging technologies to show hidden or lost local history.

  • Sharon has a fully working Virtual Reality Interactive Experience which explores ‘The Dug, the last Charles Rennie Mackintosh Tearoom, situated in Sauchiehall Street and responds to the need to show hidden Scottish Heritage sites that have disappeared through time.

  • Sharon as a team developed a fully working Interactive Experience Game which explores ‘The Scottish Crannog Centre, where you can walk in the footsteps of the original Crannog dwellers and immerse yourself in village life.

  • Sharon interactive work has been shown in London, Sydney and Glasgow. She has had work shown The Barge House, National Portrait Gallery and Selfridges.

  • Sharon was commissioned by Sydney Council to design and deploy a heritage themed 6 foot design for a space in North Sydney. The design was focused on bringing to life a lost factory that was based in area. The design is still on show in Sydney.

What problem is HEAART trying to solve?  

How can the visitor or local easily access the heritage, local arts and culture of the canal corridor?

User scenarios  

Creative Canal Collective
  • The visitor or local would like interact with the local area and find out more about the arts quarter, however there are no visible signage, posters or visual cues for visitor to know about the area

Creative Canal Collective
  • The visitor has no visible access or gateway to the areas vast amount of working artists as the buildings that house them are closed or do not publicise the hearitage and art inside.

  • The visitor or local looks into the venues website and realise they have had an open day, however the timing and day was not suitable for them


Please read Submission for funding!

Next Steps for HEAART?

Some questions on how the application will comply, integrate and enhance the community?

  • 1. Hosting local outdoor augmented reality art exhibition for the Artist hub in north Glasgow, example The Glue factory offers a safe social distancing art exhibition outside venue where humans can experience, engage and immersive themselves 

  • 1. Alternative end of year shows from GSA, opportunity to use HEAART to promote end of year out door degree and masters shows. 

1. Augmented Reality marker placements?

Getting permission? The Creative Canal Collective aim to get full permission from any venue, space or outdoor green space that is wanting to participate in the project. 

Creative Canal collective

2. How HEAART will be inclusive to the community?

Monthly Guided Augmented Reality Tours?

Creative canal collective

The monthly tours will be advertised through social media, community venues and other CO OP groups and promoted to local, residents and visitors

Creative canal collective

The guided tours will be hosted by a Creative Canal Collective volunteer and an iPad with be pre loaded AR software will be available.

Creative canal collective

The tour guides will then take the humans round the designated tour and introduce them to the art trail.

3. How will HEAART Comply with GDPR?

WordPress GDPR Compliant Site & Application

Creative Canal Collective will I sure that all information compliment with GDPR, will obtain explicit consent from EU citizens before collecting or processing any of their personal information.

  • MonsterInsights also gives users easy ways to opt-out of tracking

  • WPForms can halt all cookies and geo-location tracking on your forms

  • Cookie Notice allows you to create a customizable message to tell your users that you use cookies on your site

  • OptinMonster customisable checkbox for your privacy field, you can easily direct users to your Terms of Services, Privacy Policy, or ask for explicit consent

  • Shared Counts will only enable cookies after consent is received

  • Delete Me users can register for an account on your site and then automatically delete their user profile at will

Creative canal collective

4. The Apps life Cycle

The HEAART Application can have a 5 year life cycle but requires further investment.

The HEAART Application life cycle, will take regular updating, from a visual, UX and service design approach. As with most digital application is will require yearly hosting to keep in avails to the public.

  • AR Application  requires updating on a regular basis from a professional designer

  • Website requires updating on a regular basis from a professional web designer

  • Application requires hosting and server space which requires a subscription yearly

Creative canal collective