Case Study – Gay News Network

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Project Description


Rebrand Gay News Network online presence through creating a new identity that can run through all family brands. User experience, User Interface and and web design for

Old Design


Key aspects of Re-Branding

  • To re-brand an Australian national news, entertainment and information website

  • Merge seven state-based websites into one national site

  • Create strong and dynamic visual branding

  • Have GNN new identity complement website design and promotion material.

“I created a combination mark as it combined the power and recognition of a symbolic logo with the awareness from being able to read the company name.”

“As Art Director I researched the company’s history and uncovered its colourful personality and what made them tick! It was integral that the rebranding reflected that GNN was at the heart of the LGBTQI community and on the pulse of breaking LGBTQI news in Australia.”
Sharon Ferris - Designer

Gay News Network had been using it full name for over a decade. It’s online identity did not reflect its ethos and had became dated. Through close consideration from the directors and new visual compositions, The solution was to abbreviate the branding to GNN.

“This gave was a strong identity that could convey trust and integrity for its users.”


The Solution.

The challenge I faced was to consolidate all the brands under the GNN family. I successfully achieved this by offering a solution that could have one primary identity that could dynamically house the family brands. I created a Combination Mark as it combined the power and recognition of a symbolic logo with the awareness of being able to read the company name.

This involved merging seven existing state-based websites into one new national site. I created and developed a new visual style for the site, which included user interface, website assets, social media, hero banners, etc.

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