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Project Description

Fortunate – IOS App

Stage 1: Discovery

The Problem

Mental Health is a big issue in  men, but due to the stigma surrounding it they feel unable to get support. The average Australian male doesn’t want to share their problems and this has created a society where suicide is very common.  I am using contemporary technology to help in the prevention of severe mental illness, by creating a fictional app that can help support the individual.


1 in 5 men suffer Anxiety


Anxiety is the most common mental condition in Australia. On average, 1 in 5 men – will experience anxiety. There are many types of anxiety, each consisting of a range of specific symptoms.


Stage 2: Define

User Persona



Name: Alan

Age: 41 yrs old

Occupation: Works in a Bookshop

Alan enjoys his job but would like to become a writer. He doesn’t have a partner and is living at home with his parents.


Alan is very private and does not have any close male friends to talk to about how he is feeling. He wants to have an App on his phone to help him with sensitive health issues.


Alan would like a space that won’t judge him if he is having a bad day.

Competitive Analysis


Story Boards

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Feature Prioritization


My app will be an information based application aimed at Australian males who need support with everyday problems, such as relationships, money, health and work.


The app, is a no frills, bells or whistles app that is designed with men in mind. The language is kept
simple and promotes an environment where you engage and there is no hierarchy or professional terminology.


My app will use existing design patterns that have been tried and tested and it will use language that is familiar to it’s users to gain clear understanding for it’s purpose and the user.


The app will be structured in a way that is recognizable to the user, as it is based on a retro game.


The app will be built for simplicity and will be user centered with an intuitive typeface, that is minimalist and give the user clear prompts.

User Flow

UX design - Thomson Reuters
UX design - Thomson Reuters

Stage 3: Design

Stage 4: Solution

UX design - Thomson Reuters
UX design - Thomson Reuters

Fortunate is a native iOS app that gives you useful and valuable content when life unfolds.

The concept originates from a retro children’s game called The Fortune Teller. Simple and fun, the user needs to unfold the paper game to unveil their future.

The journey creating this app has taken me through two prior concepts, Agony Uncles and No Worries Mate. The final concept is an amalgamation of the three.

I created this app as I felt there was a need in contemporary Australian culture for an intuitive app that could offer men 18-45 a quick and anonymous outlet to gain valuable information that could help with their everyday problems.

UX design - Thomson Reuters