//Framing amazing ideas with Adobe Comp IOS

Framing amazing ideas with Adobe Comp IOS

The humble wireframe is one of the best ways to save time and money while getting your idea across quickly and without fuss. When that amazing idea for an iOS App or your first iWatch interface strikes you, Adobe Comp allows you to design something quickly, whether you’re on your morning commute, traveling in Morocco or having a quick coffee break.

I’ve been designing for years, and I still enjoy using pencil and paper to sketch and sculpture my ideas for clients. Using this time-tested low-fi method, I like it because it allows me to help the client design their own user journey in real time. If we happen to take a wrong turn, we just erase things until we get back on track.

However, over the last few years, clients have become more tech-savvy and want something a bit sexier when they put their idea into the world! Bearing this in mind, I’ve been using Adobe Comp, a smart, convenient and designer-friendly app for the Apple iOS. It’s a super-useful wireframing app that’s perfect for designers who want to professionally sketch something up that will be compatible with the professional Adobe suite.

I downloaded it before I headed on a trip to Peru, and the last three weeks have given me ample time to play with all its bells and whistles. One of its best features is the auto mock-up feature, where you can quickly show your work in context, whether it’s on an iPad Pro, iWatch or the IPhone 7.

The one thing I’d like to see in the next update would be interactive features that allow me to present to whole user experience and journey.
However, I’ve enclosed an idea I’ve created within the app for a travel app that gives you useful and important information in large format on one screen. It would free you from having to access and open a few apps to get the same information. It’s a work in progress

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