How to Design your professional Instagram business profile

As a freelancer visual designer, it’s a must to keep on top of social-media trends – and Instagram business is red-hot right now

Instagram for business facts:

  • 95 million users worldwide 
  • 500 million active users (as of April 2015)
  • 4.2 million daily likes

Logo or Picture

  • A clear and professional picture of your business or a good quality image of your business logo.
  • Be consistent with your picture or logo across all your social media

Instagram biography 

  • Who am I? A description of you and your passions, and/or what your business or service is about. You have only a limited number of characters, so selling yourself as concisely as possible is a must.
  • Your Website URL and call to action (for examples, please visit my website)
  • Contact details, such as your mobile (if you’re comfortable making it public)
  • You can also add a street address if your studio/agency is a bricks-and-mortar location

About My Work

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