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Brands are like people; each has its own unique and quirky personality, ambitions and ideas. I can help you to communicate yours clearly and consistently, and customers begin to see beyond price and product and connect with your business on a personal one to one level.

Brand Name

Just as people are identified by their names, so are brands. A brand name should be effective, memorable and unique, and that takes time and consideration to perfect. We work closely with you, looking at your business, your market and your customers to craft a name that truly represents your brand.

Brand Logo

If your brand was a person, the logo would be its face – people use it to identify you and in most cases, use it as a basis for first impressions. Just like a brand name, a brand mark should be effective, memorable and unique, and we apply our creativity and passion for brand and design to ensure those first impressions become lasting ones.


Why Work With Me

Brand + Design

Sharon Ferris is a creative consultant who approaches creative problems using Design Thinking, Holistic Centered research and the latest digital technologies to help tell your own unique story.



Brand + Design

Let’s Design Together

Contact me to find out what I can do for you or let’s meet for a coffee and a chat.

About My Work

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