SPARK – Boot Camp at MediCity Scotland

SPARK – Boot Camp at MediCity Scotland From 21st November 2016 14:00 To 23rd November 2016 16:00 An intense two and a half day programme suitable for anyone wishing to learn the tools and techniques to explore a value proposition model for their own MedTech, Digital Health and Well-Being start-up business idea; or to stress […]

How to Design your professional Instagram business profile

As a freelancer visual designer, it’s a must to keep on top of social-media trends – and Instagram business is red-hot right now Instagram for business facts: 95 million users worldwide  500 million active users (as of April 2015) 4.2 million daily likes Logo or Picture A clear and professional picture of your business or a […]

Thinking creatively to help Australian marriage equality. 

When they think of Australia, most British people think of beautiful beaches, Kylie Minogue, Neighbours and the legendary Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Party. They think of a forward – thinking young country – not a country where it’s illegal to marry the person you love. Living with my partner in Sydney for 5 […]

Disruptive Design for LGBTQI National News website.

The Australian gay media was stuck in the ’90s, always using glitter and rainbows to define my coming-of-age gay peers. Unfortunately, although we were a group with more sparkle than Christmas, we were relatively invisible – but with nearly 1 in 10 of us identifying as LGBTQI, it was time to change things. ———————————-

Framing amazing ideas with Adobe Comp IOS

The humble wireframe is one of the best ways to save time and money while getting your idea across quickly and without fuss. When that amazing idea for an iOS App or your first iWatch interface strikes you, Adobe Comp allows you to design something quickly, whether you’re on your morning commute, traveling in Morocco […]

Designing a successful campaign For the global Financial market

I wanted to share a successful visual design projects that I created for the Australian financial market. In this case, it was for Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. The challenge was to refresh a consumer-focused EDM deployed by Campaign Monitor, which provided a tailored and informative solution […]

Modern Design thinking by the Ancient Incas

I have spent the last three weeks as intrepid explorer. More precisely, I was a designer exploring the breathtaking cosmopolite town of Cusco, in Peru. I was armed only with limited knowledge about the amazing wonders that I was about to discover. Everything I knew about this place was taken from the Internet and my […]

User Interface design to improve the experience of Trekking in Macchu Picchu, Peru.

My passion for travel took me to the South American land of Cusco, Peru. I have always loved to explore new places across the globe to capture different visual experiences, which not only gives me time to be inspired by another culture has to offer us apart from our home back in the city. Living […]