Sharon Ferris

BA(Hons) MA MSc

Visual and User Interface Designer for emerging technologies

Having built an international body of work from designing promotional campaigns for Booktopia – Australia’s biggest online bookseller and interactive user-journeys for Thomson Reuters Sydney to engaging responsive user interfaces for Franklin Templeton, US. Also designing dynamic magazine layout for Gay Times UK’s leading magazine for the gay community and running online social media campaigns for the ID channel for the American TV industry.

Having recently gained a MSc from Glasgow School of Art, it has provided my design practice with the skills to become a key part of this explosive growth, focusing on user-centered design, offering holistic solutions by and using system-thinking.

The MSc offered professional development in product design to gain first hand practical programming/scripting experience that was transferable to design, develop and analyse game theory, pedagogy and simulations for a range of application areas and to conduct interdisciplinary research in the serious applications of games technology, particularly in heritage, education and training.

Skills & Experience

  • Develop experience, knowledge and skills in 3D digital technology, and its applications in serious games application and virtual reality

  • A strong understanding of commercial visualisation hardware and software, and harnessing there capabilities to interactively explore, manipulate and understand 3D data

  • Deploy the digital data acquisition, processing, archiving and presentation process as the synthesis of research, analysis, development and critique within the context of scientific and technological change


My Global Clients